He recorded his first musical work named Saint George’s Glory in the year 2000.


N.Y. Find your peace


In 2004 he published his second record project going under the name “That’s my world”.


This latter attracted the interest of Nikolaj Androsov, one of the major choreographers in Russia. He was so fascinated about the sonority of the track Lelouche (under That’s my world) that he choose it as the sound track for the Ballet presented by the Moscow Sergej Pavlovic Djagilev Foundation on occasion of his participation in the fifth Austrian National Ballet and Dance competition organized by CID (the UNESCO International Dance Organization). In this competition the Music and Choreography were awarded the International Osterr TanzaRa prize.


Tracks like New York find your Peace, composed immediately after the twin towers-attack, are precursors of the subsequent recording projects the author has embarked in which led to the lyric and choreographic work “Anastasia”, a theatre play which premiere at a world level took place at the New Opera Theater in Moscow in 2005, on occasion of the cultural interchange between Italian and Russian governmental organizations. The performance was highly successful, for critics and audience as well.


When later in December 2005 Anastasia was performed in Italy at the Ferrara Teatro Comunale, that success was fully replicated. 


In 2009 Anastasia was performed at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, Italy, in collaboration with the Ariston Proballet directed by choreographer Marcello Algeri.


In 2015 Contini writes the music for the staging of “L’albero dei Pavoni”, the book written by Tonino Guerra. The play was performed at the Raffaello and Federico da Montefeltro Theater in Urbino, Italy. 


Esce l’album Sensations realizzato con la collaborazione di Raffaele Casarano.


Sensation diventa la colonna sonora di Ex Astris, videomapping sul Castello Estense di Ferrara ideato e realizzato dal visual artist Andrea Bernabini.

Bruno Contini
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